Vinegar Chicken

When cooked this way, the chicken should be completely coated and glazed, which produces a wonderful flavor.


Pound chicken breasts lightly until slightly flattened. Cut into 1" pieces. Mix soy sauce, sherry, sugar, pepper flakes, ginger and garlic in small bowl. Add chicken and marinate 30-45 minutes in refrigerator.

Heat oil (just to coat bottom of large skillet) over high heat. Add chicken and marinade and stir briskly for 2-3 minutes. Turn heat to low, cover, and simmer for an additional 3 minutes. Uncover, turn heat back to high, and stir briskly for 2 minutes, or until chicken is evenly coated and the sauce begins to thicken. Sprinkle in sesame oil and stir several times. Gather chicken to center of pan, add vinegar and stir quickly for 1 minute. Serve immediately with rice. 4 servings.