"Big Chicken"

Please note that this recipe calls for a roasting hen. When one relative, who shall remain nameless, tried this the first time, she purchased a stewing hen. When she called with the details - inedible was probably the kindest thing we heard about that particular chicken.


Preheat oven to 350°. Remove giblets, etc. from chicken cavity. Thoroughly wash chicken and pat dry with paper towels. Gently separate (without tearing) the skin from the chicken breast. Rub a generous amount of Greek seasoning between the skin and the chicken breast. Add remainder of seasoning to melted butter and olive oil for basting. Stand the chicken on the vertical roaster (when the chicken is properly "seated" it will look as though it is an unfortunate participant in a hold-up) and place in large roasting pan. Baste thoroughly with butter, oil and seasoning mixture and put in oven. It may be necessary to remove one rack from the oven for clearance.

Bake the chicken at 350° (reducing temperature to 320° if there is too much splattering) for approximately 20 minutes per pound, or until the legs move easily and the juices from the joints, when pricked, run clear. Baste every 15-20 minutes. When chicken is done, remove roaster and chicken to a large cutting board. Cool 10 minutes before carving. While chicken cools, place roasting pan on stove top. Remove all but 3 TBS of drippings and with pan over medium high heat, add chicken broth and cook until liquid is reduced by one third. Stir in remaining 2 TBS butter and serve with sliced chicken. 4-6 servings.