Over the years, we have entertained numerous colleagues and business associates at the home office. Since we both enjoy cooking, these visits generally mix business discussions with a variety of exotic cuisines. After receiving requests for the recipes we have prepared, we have decided that the most efficient way of distributing a recipe column, which we write for the local weekly newspaper, is through our new cooking site. If you have recipes that you think our readers would enjoy, please forward them by e-mail and we will print them in our column with your credit line. We hope people enjoy the fruits of our labors. The indexes are listed below

The A-H Index

The I-P Index

The Q-Z Index

The Temperature Chart for Cooking

We also spend a fair amount of time walking through our National Zoo and photographing the amazing animals who live there. Our collection of photos can be found on Facebook at DC Zoo Walks.

Finally, we are developing a new approach to skincare which uses only natural ingredients.